CH. Backwoods DK Fyrst


CH. Ripsnorter Makin’ Waves with Jay-Mar

Date of birth 6/11/15

Ripsnorter’s Beauty and the Beach, NA I



NAVHDA NA Prize I 105/112


owned by Aidan George

and Lisa George

Ripsnorter’s Pacific Coast Sweet Revenge


“Lu Lu”


owned by The Dorns

and Lisa George

Ripsnorter Sonnenschein




owned by Mackenzie Myers

Ripsnorter Navigational Aid, NA II



NAVHDA NA Prize II 105/112


owned by Ben Heinemann and Lisa George

Ripsnorter’s Big Kahuna, NA I



NAVHDA NA Prize I  107/112


owned by Grant Smith

Ripsnorter Kennel|Utica, Ohio

Jeff, Lisa, and Hadley George



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