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CH. Kobnko Kia Ora Ripsnorter, NA I


(New Zealand Import)

NAVHDA NA Prize I (110/112)



OFAHips-Excellent  OFAElbows-Norm

OFAThyroid-Norm  CERF-Normal

OFACardiacECHO-Norm  VWD-Clear


“Kiwi” was imported from New Zealand by Lisa George, Margie Howard and Karen Potter. She came to us from Trish Bond-Beckett, Kobnko German Wirehaired Pointers in Australia and Theresa Peacock, Dentrese German Wirehaired Pointers in New Zealand. She is a total package. She is phenomenal in the field and a complete show dog in the ring. She is the sweetest girl and makes a perfect Junior Showmanship partner for Hadley George. These cute girls make quite a team.

Kiwi/JT litter 2016

Kiwi/Sport litter 2017

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