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NBISS MBISS GCh. Ripsnorter's Heavenly Body, NA I(112/112)
OFAHips-Excellent  OFAElbows-Normal  OFAEyes-Clear  OFAThyroid-Normal
OFACardiacEcho-Normal  VWD-Clear  EIC-Clear  DM-Normal    FF for furnishings


Celeste has been exciting from the beginning. She is very high drive and willing to please. Celeste got a NAVHDA NA Prize 1 with ease. She finished her championship quickly with multiple breed wins. In limited time as a special she has won a group and added many accomplishments to her resume
-2020 Best Bitch in Maturity
- 2023 National Best in Specialty
-2023 Regional Best in Specialty
-NOHS Bronze
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