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Handling, Grooming and Training 


Hadley has worked with some of the top professional handlers and breeders during her time in the sport. Spending a majority of time with Sporting breeds, she’s also worked extensively with Poodles and many dogs from the other 6 groups. During her time in Juniors she showed multiple breeds. GWP, English Cockers, and Setters were her main focus and with these she won over 50 Best Juniors and third place overall at The Westminster Kennel Club.
After a successful career in Juniors she has spent her time working at shows and behind the scenes, dedicating time to her family’s breeding program, pursuing an education in Veterinary Medicine at Penn Foster University and recently has become approved to judge Junior Showmanship. With a passion for the care, grooming and presentation of dogs she plans to focus her career towards being a full time Professional handler herself. While continuing her education and growing her skill set working at shows Hadley has limited availability to handle, transport and groom dogs in both the Mid West and East Coast.

For availability and rates please contact Hadley at (740) 485-5057 or email at


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