DOB 3/23/20


(Pictures last updated 5/10/20)

Black Males
L to R: Lt. Blue, Dk. Blue, Dk. Green
Ripsnorter's Benedict
Owned by Callum Streeter
Ripsnorter's Brave
Owned by Erich Schubert
Ripsnorter's Bosque
Owned by Peter Woodbridge
Black Females
L to R: Orange, Green, Yellow
Ripsnorter's Birdie
Owned by Ryan Rivas
Ripsnorter's Beasley
Owned by Tim Albrecht
Ripsnorter's Belle
Owned by Kent Klinkefus
Liver Females
L to R: Pink, Purple, Red
Ripsnorter's Betty
Owned by John Sexton
Ripsnorter's Bonfire
Owned by Justin Horine
Ripsnorter's Briar
Owned by Adam Howie
Liver Male
Tan Collar
Ripsnorter's Braun Bullet
Owned by David Lenoir
Photos by Ripsnorter Photography