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VC Griff’s Viking Chewbacca


CH. Ripsnorter’s Defying Gravity,NA I 



Date of birth June 24, 2012

2013 NAVHDA NA Breeders Award Litter

VC/CH Ripsnorter’s Hit The Lights,NA I, UT I


OFAHips-Exc, OFAElbows-Norm,CERF-Norm


Owned by Hadley George & Lisa George

NAVHDA NA Prize I-112/112 -handled by Hadley

NAVHDA UT Prize I-201/204-handled by Jeff

CH.Ripsnorter’s Fire in the Hole, NA II


OFAHips-Exc, OFAElbow-Norm,



Owned by Karen & Val Potter & Lisa George

NAVHDA NA Prize II-101/112

Ripsnorter’s Fire on the Horizon, NA II



Owned by C. Watson, K & V Potter, & L. George

NAVHDA NA Prize II-106/112

Ripsnorter’s Hell on Wheels,NA I



Owned by Mike Brown & Lisa George

NAVHDA NA Prize I-112/112 

Ripsnorter’s Remington Teal



Owned by The Lippincotts

Ripsnorter’s Perennia,NA II



Owned by Jerry Vetsch

NAVHDA NA Prize II-93/112

Ripsnorter’s Mission Impossible Bomb Shell 



Owned by Michael & Stephanie Gray

Ripsnorter’s Makin’ Mayhem, NA II



Owned by Jim Holden & Jessica Delano

NAVHDA NA Prize II-110/112

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