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CH. RipsnorterNCladdagh BringN’ Sexy Back, NA I UT I


CH. Ripsnorter’s Defying Gravity, NA I

Date of birth 6/16/14

Ripsnorter’s I’m Sexy and I Know IT, NA III



Gerry Hornick

Ripsnorter’s You Got To Shoot IT,NA III



NAVHDA NA Prize III-95/112


Chris Carr & Lisa George

Ripsnorter’s Bring IT On



Edward Wilds

Ripsnorter’s IT’s Colter Daisy Flook



Thomas & Angela Flook

Ripsnorter’s Talyn Starburst Make IT So, NA



Jackie Getson-Hardiman

Ripsnorter Ghost of Captains Past IT



Richard Huber

Ripsnorter’s Gauge IT Right



Reid & Cheryl Goniwiecha

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