Glory/Lotto DOB 3/29/20


(Pictures last updated 5/10/20)

Black Males
L to R: Orange, Lt. Blue, Yellow 
Ripsnorter's Chambers
Owned by Justin Chambers
and Sarah Shimon
Ripsnorter's Chooch
Owned by Phil Migliaccio
Ripsnorter's Casino
Owned by Warren "Chip" Woods
Liver Males
L to R: Green, Red, Blue
Ripsnorter's Cooper
Owned by Jim Borders
Ripsnorter's Call From Heaven
Owned by Joe Bozelak
Ripsnorter's Clodhopper
Owned by Bruce Hjerpe
Black Females
L to R: Lime, Pink, Purple
Ripsnorter's Clella
Owned by Dave King
Ripsnorter's Cross Hill Raven
Owned by Richard Kimball
Ripsnorter's Cleopatra
Owned by Jason Griffith
Photos by Ripsnorter Photography